The Albert opened it's doors on the 1st December 2017 after extensive renovations of a space formally occupied by "The Vestry" or "5th Avenue.  The basement of the Vestry building had been left empty for almost 20 years and was forgotten about and a generation passing it by and never knowing what was below them.  After 6 months of renovations the basement was transformed into The Albert, a name which is close to our heart as it represents family and it brings together two grandfathers names Albert & Robert.  These are two men which have influenced me but also the whole family and when deciding upon a name felt right to honour them. 


Our goal was always to bring together the feel of a traditional local pub with a modern bar, we aim to provide an amazing service and try to treat all our customers old or new as if they are a regular.  This is even true down to selection of drinks we serve providing establishing and popular brands along side new and up and coming drinks. 


We are located on Fawcett Street in the centre of Sunderland on one of the oldest streets in the city centre.  Fawcett Street is a busy street and is perfect for public transport, with a number of bus stops just seconds away and the main train and Metro station just 1 minute walk away.